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To create content that really provides value and resonates with your audience you need to put in the hard yards when it comes to researching – providing value is key and if they can look it up in under 30 seconds then you need to go deeper on the research.

We are happy to announce that we have integrated Trello directly into to help make the research stage of your content creation as simple as possible. Trello is the best tool around for organising just about anything, but we are going to show you how much of a breeze it is to add things that you find in straight to Trello.

We are going to use the example post of “Tips For Storytelling”. A good place to start straight away is going to be with a search for “storytelling”


The results that come back are already really insightful. There is a clear blog post which is getting great social engagement “5 Visual Storytelling Tips To Power Your Content Marketing On Facebook” by Jeff Bullas, this post is specifically about storytelling on Facebook. Wait a minute, what if we did a post that gave you 5 tips for the top 5 social networks! (New title : 5 Storytelling Tips For 5 Of The Biggest Social Networks) Already our content is developing in to something that could be super useful for our audience, and the data is telling us that people are interested in the subject and willing to share it.

I am going to want to keep that post as a reference for later so that I can quickly come back and find it should I need it, that’s where Trello comes in! Simply click through to the article and hit the “add to Trello” button.

add to trello

Once you hit this you will be asked to sign in to Trello (you only have to do this once), when you are signed in you will then be asked to select a board. As we are researching for a post we will select our editorial calendar board:

choose a board

The next modal you will see will ask you to select a list:

select a list

Our editorial calendar is organised into the stages we go through when writing, from the idea stage all the way through to the social and comment support stage. We are going to select “Researching”

choose a card

Top of the list is the post we are working on right now so we can add the article we found straight to it as a comment, or you can add the article to the list as a completely new card. Once you have selected the card you will get a confirmation that it has been added:


You have now also set the card so you can go off and research more content for that post and when you come to add it, the card is already set. Once you are done researching that card you can use the “add to other” button to swap to a new card or create a new one.

It really is that simple! Because we love Trello so much we asked Lauren Moon (Content Marketing Manager @ Trello) how best to structure your Trello board for a smooth editorial calendar workflow, you can check out an awesome in depth post here that takes you through the process end to end, you can also download a sample board so you can get going staight away.

Big thank you to Lauren and Brian Cervino for speaking to us and helping out with this post.

Why not go and check it out and start adding awesome content to your Trello account right now! Get started now>>>

We would absolutely love to hear what you think of the integration so head to the comments section below, and if you know anyone that loves Trello send this post on to them!

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