Crafting content?

We can help you with that, from the idea stage right through to measurement.


The research stage of content marketing can be tedious, simplifies this process and provides you with everything you need. Quickly find top performing content for research or curation, add articles to Trello seamlessly so you can keep your research organised.

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Yummy data, we have tonnes of it! Analyse the sharing habits of both influencers and sharers, shape your content to appeal to their interests. See which publishers rank best in their category, add your own site to analyse your performance. Oh you can also export all our data so you can manipulate it until your heart's content.

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Outreach & Audience

Build a pre-qualified audience to market your content to, engage with the right people and cultivate your very own community. Use influencer, sharer and author data to reach out to and seed your content to people that already have an interest in the subject you are crafting content around.

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Integrate Google Analytics and see the perfomance of your content, which social network is responding best? How much traffic came from which social network? How many goal conversions did that content drive? We can answer all those questions for you and make it easy to iterate and maximise your content marketing.

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