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There are certain things that you wish would happen when you are launching a product you have poured your heart and soul in to, and you can plan and strategise but there are no guarantees on what is going to happen when you “go live”. Getting your product in front of people is an obvious priority when you are launching as an unknown, but getting in front of an audience of informed product hunters that are actively seeking out the latest innovations is something that you really shoot for.


On February the 4th at 10:59 am (GMT) this happened:



Now it is fairly difficult to accurately describe how it made me feel when I found out that we had made the first page of Product Hunt, initially i felt overwhelmed as i have a genuine affinity and huge respect for the Product Hunt community and team. The second feeling that took over (albeit briefly) was sheer panic – do we have the resource in place to handle the traffic, is the site good enough, what if people don’t like it….. Once this feeling was gone that is when the happy dance feeling surfaced and I spent that day and the two that followed like this:




The value that comes from being featured on Product Hunt is amazing. The community feedback is so genuine and it comes from people that know what they are talking about. Having the opportunity to answer people’s questions is invaluable and the insight you can gain can really validate your idea and what you are trying to achieve.

But how does it translate when it comes to numbers, well…

We also saw a significant increase in mentions and impressions across Twitter:





As the graph shows our follower count shows a pretty steep trend for a brand new account, and we made sure to speak to as many people that showed support to it – it means a lot.

Our organic impressions on Twitter also saw an increase:





The 4th of February was the highest our organic impressions have been to date, so the impact extends way beyond just onsite – it ripples out across your social channels too.

We cannot thank everyone within the Product Hunt community enough, the feedback that we have had as a result of being featured is absolutely invaluable. Of course none of this would have been possible without the team behind Product Hunt; so thanks to Jonno, Radoslav, Erik, David, Shaun, Steph, K1, Mike, Andreas, Ryan, Lukas, Tiffany, Corley, and Ayrton (apologies if we missed anyone).

We also want to give a special shout out to Bram Kanstein (@bramk) who is awesome and you should definitely check him out.

Thank you everyone, we cannot express how much your support and continued feedback means to us,

The team.

Written by @LeeFul_hi5

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