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Curating great content to share with your audience gives you the opportunity to become an authority on a subject by sharing awesome insights from across the web. To help make this process a breeze we are super happy to tell you that we now support Buffer right in our dashboard.

This means you can now research and find some of the best content the web has to offer and add it straight in to Buffer, keeping your social accounts active with lots of juicy goodness.

It’s really easy to get going with stocking up Buffer – here is how to do it:

Head over to


Select a category, or you can perform a keyword search. For this example we are going to use the Social Media category. Then select an article you think suits your audience, you can go a little further here too and order the articles by share count across each social network. This way you can tailor the content you share based on how responsive each social network has been to it, increasing your chances of it being well received.


Once you have picked your article all you have to do is hit the Buffer button and bazinga! You can add that article to your Buffer account.



So keep your audience happy by using to top up your Buffer with awesome content from the web’s top publishers.

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